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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I took a break from you. Long break. But i'm back.
I've quit my job. I'm so glad. I am not any near where I wanted to be at this age. This is a time for change. A time for me to stop being sad. I am no longer trying to work through depression, crap jobs, kids, PTA, rough relationship issues, college, and the whole time fearing that I can't do what i've always wanted to. I can no longer feel i'm incapable.

Life has not been kind to me. Life has not been kind to many. I've been suffering from serious depression issues since I was 9 because of the hand i've been dealt. I'm psychologically scarred and instead of just trying to keep on truckin' i'm actually going to figure out how I can move on from a painful past and become a healthy, happy, resolved being.

I have photo gigs already. I will buy my online magazine domain in the next few weeks. I will quit being such a chicken-shit and I will sing for a band, own my own business and have free time for my family.

Today is a good day. I'm excited for what tomorrow may bring.
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