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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How could we know?

I've been thinking so much lately about where I want to be in the next 5 years.  Being happily married, healthy, happy kids, a career.... I thought that would be enough.  Maybe I've grown selfish, but I want to see the world.  I want culture at my fingertips.  I want to walk the marketplace in Morocco, and drink espresso in Paris.  I want to visit a trunk show in Milan, and pick grapes for wine in Italy.  I want to stroll through Central Park, and swim in the Dead Sea; fish in Alaska, and get in a fight with a futbol player in some scrubby bar in England.  I want the good and the bad that the world has to offer.  I want the fine details of every country, city, slum.

On top of all that, I've been feeling so weak lately.  There is so much out there to do, and so many people to help and I've done nothing.  I've sat here and taken my life for granted and done nothing to help another human being in real need.  Who the hell do I think I am, just sitting here?

I want to go to Haiti and help build an expansion of the jail facility so that the man that stole a chicken doesn't have to share space with the man that killed his wife and kids.  I want to help rebuild homes that were lost and homes for those that always needed one.  Cleaning up the slums would be a magnificent feat, and then we could begin counseling programs and re-education programs for those that had to leave school.  On top of all that was lost, many young girls that lost their families were soon raped and beaten after being left alone, living in tents now instead of houses.  Lives are lost everyday and children are getting corrupted.  It makes me wonder what the hell someone like Oprah is doing buying another 50-room/43 bathroom home.  The square feet in her newest home equals the square footage of the entire city of Chicago!  ALL OF CHICAGO!  That's ridiculous.  Rich people are sick.

There's so much more that I can talk about doing, but I'm still here.  I'm still not doing anything yet.  Yet.  That is a key element in that sentence.  I believe I can still make the world a better place and improve my life, my inner being, a little more everyday.  It will take time and plenty of effort, but I am willing to try.

As far as my resolutions go:

  • I've lost a few pounds
  • I'm exercising 5-6 days a week
  • I am reading This Is Where I Leave You
  • I got a new job and I'm much happier there

Things are looking up.  Everyday I will reflect on who I am and who I'm going to be and move forward.
Until next time, enjoy a little Joshua Bell.

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