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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fists up

So I am down to 161-162, depending on if i just ate! haha... That's a start.  I did only start dieting, really, Monday. I had began counting calories at the end of last semester but that didn't last throughout the holidays.  But now, I have a program on my phone and I have been easily inputting everything I eat and it's become really simple.  I also found out tons of ways to cut calories in half when eating pasta.  If you're using long, flat, wide noodles then get zuchinni and, with a peeler, peel away at the veggie until it's in a bunch of long strips, similar to the pasta and then throw those in half of your bowl and you go from 400 calories/bowl, to 180 depending on your pasta sauce.
Ravioli:  In place of the pasta in between layers,  use a large slice of eggplant every other layer.  It will be really good for you and taste really good, too!
Spaghetti:  Fork out the inside of a spaghetti squash and use that in place of half of your spaghetti noodles.

The best part of all this is that you don't have to feed everyone else your substitute.  I can feed the kids regular noodles, just the way they like it, and my man can have the same.  I can heat up the substitute on the side and just add it in my bowl along with noodles.  Pretty neat, huh?

I also discovered these probiotic unbleached flour tortillas.  They're really big, burrito sized, and I fill them with either 1/3 cup of black beans or corn that I've warmed up with mushrooms, then I top it off with avocado, sprouts, and freshly diced tomatoes and onion.  It's about 400 calories, total so it's a great dinner or if you half it, it can be a light lunch and snack for later.  Either way it tastes really good when you season it with Cavender's greek seasoning, and pepper, for any meal.

So, I've been jogging everyday, trying new ab workouts, and I tried a new machine yesterday and it burned double the calories, so I'm not just going to jog, I'm going to do that ski jogging machine from now on as well.  Tomorrow, I also start my Yoga class, which I'm really excited about.  I need to get an estimate for the damage on my car and then I'll feel free to buy the website registration for my online magazine.  I'm trying really hard not to cuss, Jeff and I are getting along well, at least these past couple of days.  You never know with us.  I finished my book Comes a Horseman about 2 weeks ago and I began to read another book called, This is Where I Leave You.  It's really good and I haven't gotten to the 4th chapter yet!

I am going to be really optimistic about this coming year.  I have a lot of choices to make and this year is definitely the year to make them.  Let's hope for the best and always send me your love and support. It helps so much to have such amazing friends.

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