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Monday, January 3, 2011

Not the end of the world

I've had a hectic and sad last few days.  It's been really hard.  When your relationship seems to be going strong and you hit a bump so hard it can take two weeks to fix.

I'm still angry about what happened on New Year's.  I was left alone and it was really heart wrenching.  But my friends all wanted to save me and a few did.  It was an amazing sight, really; to see how many people cared about me.  I had fun this weekend, however, coming home and facing reality of the situation was really hard.  I did it, and it sucked, and of course, I cried.  It's days later and it's been awkward and I'm still angry and saddened by the entire thing, but I'm not letting it get me completely down.

I'm almost done with my book, Comes A Horseman and it's fantastic.  It's keeping me busy and my brain is occupied.  Work has been extremely slow but it just gives me more time to read.  I've been cussing.  Definitely, so that's a downer, but I have plenty of time to get better.  I haven't weighed myself so don't know if I've slimmed down, but I'm eating well.  I'm not concerned about a wedding date or anything like that.

Soon I'll have my financial aid money and I'll recieve my tax return soon, as well, so I'll put the proper amount of money aside to save and spend the rest on getting myself together.

Now, what's for dinner?

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