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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas over, New Year's to come

Well, the potluck was a success!  It was a really great time and it was a reminder of how many great friends I have, and how wonderfully blessed I am to have Jeffery and my kids.

I was, however, starting to feel sick the days before Christmas day and now, of course, with all the drinking I did I am full-on-sick.  Feeling feverish, sneezing, coughing up an ample amount of disgusting mucus which feels more like fungus growing in my upper chest..... well.... life is good, eh?

I'll be fine.  I had to call in today, and I followed that by laying the on the couch ALL DAY.  Really, I felt that terrible.  I sunk into the couch the way that Ewan McGregor's character in Trainspotting sunk into the floor on that wannabe vintage rug.  I wasn't on drugs, of course, but I felt like my head was detached from my body.  I curled up, contently, wrapped myself in a brand new scarf from Delia's that Jasmine lovingly gave me for Christmas and I fell in and out of sleep until about 2 hours ago.  My body is aching, head is aching, I'm hot then I'm freezing cold... I really couldn't bring myself to get to work.  I just couldn't.  I can hardly speak, as well.  Hurting all over.  I want to take a bath but I can't even bring myself to do that.


Well, overall life is good.  I'm blessed and I will wake up feeling better soon enough.

And even though my life is one to appreciate, there have been some disappointing and upsetting bumps lately.  So much about life is that way, but I try my best to see the rest; to see all the things that I could so easily pass by and fail to recognize or appreciate.  I hope it's enough to sail me through this next year.

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