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Thursday, December 30, 2010

First day

From yesterday to today, I haven't noticed myself saying any cuss words! At least, I didn't today.  I read at least, 8 chapters of Comes a Horseman, I'm almost done writing a story for my magazine's first issue in February.  February is when I want the first issue out online.  Even if it's terrible!  Even if it looks completely mediocre, I want some progress.  I want to lay it out, then move on and improve.

It's going to happen.  I already looked at online sites where I can register my domain name and business email, and it's fairly inexpensive.  I read into advertisement agencies that work with new or old sites, and so there would be a big way to make a little profit.

It's going to be grand.  I just know it!

Weight: same
Reading: underway
Website: to be continued
exercise today?: no... not today.

However, I'm going to start my normal 5 day a week run and workout routine as soon as I can pay Planet Fitness what I owe them.  Then it will be easy, like it was before.  I'll drop my son off at school and head straight to the gym.   This feeling of getting somewhere.... I really hope it lasts.

We, as adults, tend to forget a good feeling when we need it the most; to push us towards where we need to be.  It's easier for us to work hard at blocking out those things that bother us, whether it be experiences in the past, current financial issues, relationship issues....  you name it.  We find a way to sabotage ourselves, don't we?  Why is that?  We are often brought down by other people we surround ourselves with.  We all have had that jealous friend, or that treacherous ex, and we've all felt the stinging pain of heartbreak, solitude, distress and detachment.  Why would we fail ourselves when every new year we have a chance at a new beginning, with a feeling of excitement that can give us the strength to do somersaults and climb mountains?

I have this feeling in my gut; in my heart.  I am excited to be me!  I hope that this feeling trails with me and helps me push myself to getting through this year accomplished and enchanted.  When it leaves, there seems to be a stygian hue left that just brings me down.  I'm really hoping.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you getting excited about you and your life. This is where success starts. You first do everything to make your daily routine satisfying and then your path to a better future falls into place. But it takes dedication and drive which I know you have. If I could do it, you could too.