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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New year and a new plan

So it has begun... the time for resolutions!  I'm ready.  Starting today this blog is no longer just a spot for me to whine and pine about family and lack of funds for just about everything.  Today this blog is a countdown to next Christmas and a progress report of all that I wish to accomplish this year.  What better way to throw it in my own face?  yay?  I think.

Oh! Come on, Jax!  I can do this.  Every year I make excuses as to why I can't follow through or why I should focus on something or someone else.  This is going to be the year where I make a full step towards who I'm going to be when I "grow up."  It's time to grow up.

Next December, I hope to have....NO! I will have my magazine online, and making money.  I will weigh at least 20lbs less, I will continue to be active at least 5 days a week, I will stop cussing so much and I will already have a date for my wedding.  Okay, okay... let's bullet this.

You know it's serious when bullets are involved.

My resolutions/promises/goals/must-have for 2011:

  • Magazine will be online, running, with fans and will have be making an income
  • I will weigh at least 140lbs (I currently weigh 162lbs.)
  • I will have an exercise routine that I follow through with at least 5 days a week
  • I will cuss less
  • There will be a set date for the wedding
  • I will wake up by 6am, Mon-Friday
  • I will read at least 1 book/month
  • Jeffery and I will live in a house....not a duplex/townhouse/apt or other
  • I will have at least $3,000 saved 
  • I will have a bank account for Azure Austin and/or Geek Chic Productions
This seems like too much... but it's not.  Really, if you think about it I'm on the brink of most all of this.  I was already working out 5 days a week only months ago.  Cussing less should be a must around the babes in my house.  Setting a date for the wedding would come with having some money put away for such an event.  Waking up at 6am should be easy.  The kids have school and I'll have to discipline myself to sleep at a reasonable time and moving into a house that we rent, shouldn't be a big deal either.  Our lease is up in March so we need to find a bigger place anyhow.  Having a bank account for my companies should be easy after I get the magazine online.  Lastly, reading a book a month should already be a priority.  I used to be an avid reader and I've become lazy.  No more time to be lazy.  

So there it is.  As of today this is the blog that will help me become a better and more successful person.  I need a positive attitude.  I need support and love and I need to find ways to manage stress that don't involve being depressed and watching movies on the couch for hours on end.  If I were to be more active then it would make it so much easier for me to get up and go when I need to.  

I once had the drive to do anything.  My spirit was so broken for so long.  I'm ready to be better now.  I'm ready to be a better partner to Jeff, better mother to the kids, a better student, and overall a better human being.  I am ready to prove to myself that I deserve all the things I dream of.  It's time to prove that all those dreams can be a reality.  It's going to be hard work.  I've thrown myself into so many terrible habits, but as the days pass by I believe it can only get better.  

If you want to do this with me then let me know.  We can partner up, blog to blog.  Everyone could use a little support.

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