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Monday, December 6, 2010

The sign says STOP

I was hit by a car this morning.  I'm fine.  No worries there.  But there is another thing to add to my list of troubles.  I sound like I'm whining, but if you can't whine and complain on your own personal blog, then where the hell is it safe to do such things?  Necessary things.

He passed the stop sign, and I'm used to my Toyota that is being fixed right now, the horn is the center of the steering wheel.  I went for the center of the steering wheel and didn't realize the horn "buttons" in the Dodge Dynasty I was driving were on the bottom of the steering wheel so I couldn't honk myself to safety.

My fiancé always says that I must have done something in a former life, killed thousands of people or something terrible, because people pass red lights and hit me, stop signs... hit me, I'm at the wrong place at the wrong time at the bar and BLAM! someone hits me trying to reach the guy 2inches to my right.  How dissapointing, a life where I'm always to fear the worst of each day.

To top it off,  my fiancé didn't come home Friday (he spent the night at his dad's with my son), and then didn't come home yesterday because he drank too much at band practice.  I hardly got any sleep because he wasn't there.  I'm sore and tired, and just fed up really.  I despise mornings, I really really do.  And now I have to deal with such crap before the day has really had a chance to begin.

Alright, no more crying and whining.  There is still a chance the day can be salvaged, still a chance that my day can turn itself around.  I'm willing to try.  Who's comin' with me?

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